HCB's proprietary algorithm can assign our customers into one of over 600 different skin profiles and recommendations. Because our products are tailored, we are able to cover over 95% of all skin concerns and goals. The remaining 5% are classified as "clinical" and we recommend them to visita a physician.

All HCB products are tested on different types of skin for suitability and allergic reactions. Our products are non-irritating, non-comedogenic, silicon free, paraben free and sulfate free and we never tested on animals.

Even though we have conducted extensive testing on all HCB products, occasional reactions may occur. However, unlike other skincare lines, HCB allows for a high level of customization which means that irritation or reaction is exponentially reduced in comparison to other skincare products that are not tailored to your skin. If you feel that one of our products caused a skin reaction please discontinue use and contact us at support@hautecustombeauty.com