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Ingredient-Obsessed Skincare Geek

Researcher and curator of innovation of Haute, he grew up in the world of research and innovation. Diego established the first 18 years of his career as Principal of his own research institute by helping Fortune 500 companies, including healthcare, cosmetic, skincare and technology companies develop products. He began experimenting in his Austin home by sourcing natural extracts and actives from around the world and making his own treatment cream he called 'The Dream Cream,' as it included only the best of the best, which he identified no product in the market was doing that.

This inspired the idea that there needed to be a skincare line that developed products that didn’t just think about profit and glamour, but one that truly embraced the latest and most advanced dermatological research to really solve skin concerns. His quest led him to find the missing link to merge the worlds of technology and beauty, and create Haute Custom Beauty’s algorithm and its 800+ DermaProfiles™.

“If you give skin exactly what it wants by truly personalizing, adding undiluted botanicals and actives, and you eliminate the scary ingredients, you get happy sexy skin!”



Third Generation Skincare Connoisseur

Gerard comes from a European Spa and beauty dynasty and developed his career with a precise and calculated combination of training, work and study in both the world of international business and the professional world of skincare, haircare and scalp health. He was raised in the traditional world of beauty, working at his family spa since his early teens.

By working inside one of the top luxury European skincare brands, Kanebo (a Kao subsidiary with brands such as Jergens, Biore and John Frieda), within the Sales and Distribution, and also by working himself as expert in diagnosing skin, scalp and hair, at the cellular and microscopic level, he became an essential pillar at Haute Custom Beauty to deploy all the research programs and with an uncompromising dedication of sourcing the most advanced biotechnological actives and only the purest marine and botanical extracts required by Haute’s formulation. He meticulously oversees laboratory processes and protocols that create our ultra-luxury skincare line with only the highest standards.

“Every active and extract must come from a pure source and be handled with exact protocols for it to keep its full potency and work its wonder.”



Facialist Extraordinaire & Skin Magician

Irene was born into a world of beauty and is often called ‘The Good Witch’ by her long-standing clients at the Haute Spa and Beauty Institute in Barcelona because of her extraordinary ability to transform her clients skin and facial contours. At the early age of 9, after school, she would already help out her mom at the family Spa, established in 1963, when she learned about skincare and body care, while later on she dove into deeper study and practice including training around the world and working with some of the most exclusive European and Japanese skincare brands and using all types of beauty medical devices and procedures.

The thousands of facials she has done has inherited her a true sixth sense and almost magical relationship with her client’s skin. It is Irene’s beauty secrets, inherent skin knowledge, and soul, that was implemented with HCB's dermatological research as the foundation of all of Haute’s products and brand identity. She is the Head of Treatments at the Beauty Institute and Spa in Barcelona and has been awarded with ‘Best Signature Facial in Spain.’

“It’s like going to the dentist but then not brushing your teeth…there’s a proper skin protocol to follow at home to sustain skin wellness!”


A team and family dedicated to the future of sustainable skin wellness.