At the moment Haute Custom Beauty offers the following products: 

Tailored Beauty Ritual - This is our signature 30 day recurring treatment that includes:

  • A tailored 30 day supply of our HCB ELIXIR COLLECTION in daily dose ampules.
  • Collagen Tonic (specific to your skin type) 
  • A Moisturizer Supreme Best Suited for your needs.

Luminous Age-Defying & Brightening 60-DAY Intensif Treatment - Our potent and luxurious 60-day treatment to brighten, even out skin tone and infuse the skin with antioxidants.


Caviar Supreme Eye Balm - Our advanced eye cream that helps eliminate bags, dark circles and puffiness in the eye area. 

 Marine Cleansers - Our complete line of purifying and treatment cleansers for all your needs.


Neck and Décolleté Ultimate Lift Treatment  - An outstanding treatment with a lifting cream and 12 potent Elixirs designed to help lift and remove lines and wrinkles in the neck area.


Miscellar Purifying Cloths - We use the perfect blend between micellar technology and an innovative double-sided textile with an option to cleanse or gently exfoliate.