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Luminous Age-Defying Brightening Intensif 60-Day Treatment


    The Luminous Age-Defying Brightening Intensif 60-Day Treatment


    Indulge in a complete and ultimate generation complete and intensive treatment that infuses the skin with powerful anti-aging and brightening actives while it nurtures the skin from the inside out. Our treatment works with a complete action on pigmentation that is both melanin-related (due to UV light exposure) and non-melanin related (due to ageing and glycation). This treatment lifts dullness and fades the appearance of stubborn age spots from uneven pigmentation leaving skin dramatically firmer, more even toned and refined.



    Tailored Beauty Ritual Includes:


    • 60 Hand-Selected Elixirs Including our Advanced Brightening Intensif Elixir - only available on this treatment (1.5 ml./0.05 fl.oz. each Elixir)

    • 1 Morning Moisturizer: Sun Veil Supreme - Broad Spectrum SPF 35. (30ml./1.0 fl oz.) Includes Lipochroman-6, a super antioxidant that protects and repairs skin

    • 1 Evening Moisturizer for your skin type (30ml./1.0 fl oz.)

    • 2 Balancing Collagen Tonics specific for your skin type (100 ml./3.4 fl.oz. each)

    • 2 Marine Cleansers specific for your skin type (125 ml./4.2 fl oz. each)

    • Tailored Application Instructions



    Benefits Include:


    • Fades appearance of dark spots

    • Prevents skin from further damage

    • More even skin tone

    • Visible reduction in lines and wrinkles

    • Significant pore reduction

    • Increased luminosity and radiance

    • Softer skin and perfect level of hydration

    • Overall healthier, more balanced, younger looking skin




A Transformation That Reveals a Dazzling Radiant Complexion


An ultimate generation treatment to fade the appearance of dark spots, even out skin tone, visibly diminish lines and wrinkles,
while delivering skin luminosity and a flawless complexion.
Potent ingredients such as Licorice Extract successfully interrupt the stimulation of melanin production,
while Mulberry and Bearberry Root extracts brighten skin and lighten dark spots.
Ginger Root and Bisabolol work as anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients,
while a stable form of Vitamin C liberates powerful antioxidant properties and enables collagen production. 




We Assign Two Tonics From Our Collagen Tonic Collection to Prepare a Perfect Canvas





60 Elixirs Hand-Selected From our Luxurious Elixir Collection Including Our Brightening Intensif Elixir





We Provide our Moisturizing Sun Veil Supreme - Oil Free Full Spectrum 35 SPF


We Assign an Exquisite Moisturizer From our Supreme Collection to Restore a Radiant Glow



We Provide Two Superb Marine Cleansers Specific For Your HCB DermaProfile™