Our Product is The First 100% Genuinely Tailored Beauty Ritual
HCB is a 30 day Beauty Regimen that completely tailored to skin type, goals and lifestyle of every customer. We do this through a proprietary skin analyzer survey that classifies our customers in over 600 different HCB DermaProfiles™. Based on each person's needs, customers get a unique combination of HCB Elixirs (a different number of each elixir to create a 30 day Ritual), a unique configuration (the order in which the elixirs are applied throughout the month) and a tailored ritual for using the product. This allows us to create extremely personalized and accurate treatments with extraordinary results.

We Provide an Entire Collection of Elixirs for Total Skin Nutrition
In the same way that eating the same meal every day does not create total nutrition, and practicing the same daily workout does not result in total fitness, our many years of dermatological research have shown us that the best results occur when the skin has a wholesome and varied infusion of undiluted nutrients that tackle specific skin concerns throughout the month. Instead of creating a generic serum, we designed an entire collection of elixirs by sourcing the most advanced actives and natural ingredients from nearly every continent. Because each elixir was formulated with a specific function, addressing a specific skin concern, we did not compromise their potency as many serums do. All HCB Elixirs are packaged in a single dose ampoule guaranteeing their freshness and potency.

We Provide The Most Powerful Actives and Nutrients from Around The World
We spent three years researching the best ingredients from around the globe and tested hundreds of formulas with with hundreds of participants to ensure we created an extraordinary product. We believe great skincare never uses harmful chemicals or Toxins and therefore don't use: Parabens, Pegs, Fhthalates, Sulfates, Methylisothiazolinone and we never test on animals.