Haute Custom Beauty works by allowing each customer to tailor their HCB Beauty Regimen according to their skin type, lifestyle and skincare needs. When customers order their product they complete a skin analyzer survey that allows us to classify them into one of over 600 skin profiles and determine the most effective treatment. Our skincare regimen works by combining three highly effective products with powerful actives and natural nutrients into a 30 day recurring treatment.

Although the application instructions will vary for each customer our three core products work in the following way:

  • After a thorough face cleanse, applying the HCB Collagen Tonic helps eliminate impurities and balance the skin’s PH level preparing it to absorb the HCB Elixir more effectively.
  • The HCB Elixir (that corresponds to the day of the treatment) is applied by being massaged on the entire face, neck and decollete. The infusion of powerful actives and nutrients are absorbed in the skin and start working immediately. In fact, many customers tell us they love feeling how the product works on their skin. 
  • The Moisturizer Supreme provides the perfect level of hydration and seals the powerful actives of the Elixir.

The precise tailoring of our treatment, the combination of the many different Elixirs tackling specific skin concerns, the effectiveness of the Collagen Tonic and the Moisturizer Supreme along with a personalized method of application create a unique and highly advanced Beauty Regimen that produces extraordinary results.