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Flawless Skin

Flawless Skin and Fewer Lines and Wrinkles in 30 Days

100% Tailored Skincare





    The Tailored Beauty Ritual


    Experience an innovative and completely tailored ongoing 30-day Beauty Ritual personalized to your skin type, skincare goals, oil spectrum, lifestyle and sensitivity level. Through extensive dermatological research we developed a proprietary algorithm that allows us to create a Beauty Ritual addressing your unique needs. Each HCB Beauty Ritual is made in Barcelona.



    Tailored Beauty Ritual Includes:


    1 Collagen Tonic for your skin type (100 ml./3.4 fl.oz.)

    1 Moisturizer Supreme for your skin type (30ml./1.0 fl oz.)

    30 Elixirs 100% tailored for your specific needs (1.5 ml./0.05 fl.oz. each)

    Tailored Application Instructions


  • The HCB Beauty Ritual is tailored for your unique needs, therefore by design outcomes will vary. Our products are created to infuse the skin with powerful natural nutrients and actives; the most consistent praise we receive from customers worldwide includes:


    • Visible reduction in wrinkles

    • Significant pore reduction

    • More even skin tone

    • Softer skin and perfect level of hydration

    • Increased luminosity and radiance

    • Firmer, smoother skin on the neck

    • Overall healthier, more balanced, younger looking skin




Reveal Your Own Ageless Beauty


Undeniably noticeable results achievable through a fully customized beauty ritual personalized for skin type, lifestyle, oil spectrum, sensitivity level and more.
Extensive dermatological research along with 30 years of experience and proprietary technology development
allowed Haute Custom Beauty to segment skin into more than 800 HCB DermaProfiles™





We Assign a Tonic From Our Collagen Tonic Collection to Prepare a Perfect Canvas



30 Elixirs Hand-Selected From our Luxurious Elixir Collection





We Assign an Exquisite Moisturizer From our Supreme Collection to Restore a Radiant Glow




★★★★★ Far and above the best treatment I've ever tried! My skin literally feels and looks better from the second I apply Haute. My pores are smaller, my skin tone more even and has the perfect level of hydration. I love that the product is in its purest form and not diluted. It's optimized delivery for specific skin challenges. Other somewhat comparable products are three to four times the price"

Chelsea M. (40 years)




★★★★★ “Haute_Custom Beauty is by far the best treatment I’ve ever used. My face feels so good I don’t even need to wear makeup! My skin used to look dull and lifeless without foundation and now it’s fresh all day. I recommend it to anyone who wants a younger feeling, fresh, clean, beautiful skin.”

Kayla J. (30 years)




★★★★★ “I'm_in_Love with HCB! It's so practical and easy to use and the price is amazing. I love the sensation I feel after using it because it's light, yet it totally hydrates my skin. I feel as if I was getting a brand new face every day and I've seen amazing results in just four days. I love Infusió de Mar Elixir. I would take My HCB Ritual to the end of the world!”  

Almudena L. (33_years)



 ★★★★★_"With_Haute Custom Beauty my skin has rejuvenated and recovered properties that I had lost many years ago. I've never had so many people ask what I'm doing to my skin! My cutis has never been so hydrated and soft all day long; Now I wear less makeup every day! I used to buy expensive skincare products and undoubtedly there was a point where I needed to change brands because products lost their effectiveness. However, with Haute the improvement has been exponential; this is truly tailored for me. The different nutrients in the various elixirs ensure my skin doesn't get used to it. I'm in awe that my complexion keeps improving every day." 

Gloria A. (68 years)



★★★★★_"Haute Custom Beauty is hands down the best treatment I have ever tried. It's the perfect skincare line combining high-end products, with an easy method of application at an amazing price. I didn't know what skin luminosity meant until I tried Haute; my face glows! The texture of my skin is so smooth now that I no longer wear foundation on a daily basis. I love applying HBC's products because my skin feels relaxed and refreshed! ” 

Vanessa C. (30 years)



★★★★★_"I_used to buy Clinique products and when I switched to HCB the first thing I noticed was how much more effective Haute's Collagen Tonic was at cleaning my face and allowing the nutrients to truly penetrate my skin. I started noticing results from day three and even my friends approached me saying they could see a visible change. With Haute Custom Beauty I have experienced a noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles!" 

Luisa V. (40 years)


★★★★★_"The_biggest difference I have experienced using Haute Custom Beauty is an increase in luminosity and an even skin tone. I love how comfortable this product is; it's so neatly organized it motivates me to use it. This concept is really new for me, I had never used a method like this and I love it!”

Merixtell M. (42 years)






 ★★★★★_"I’ve_experienced amazing results with Haute Custom Beauty and can't compare it with any other product. My skin has less wrinkles and feels amazing, like silk! HCB is wonderful and has truly changed my skin complexion.”

Puri Q. (61 years)






★★★★★ Haute_is better than other treatments I’ve used. My pores are smaller and my skin looks smoother and feels completely moisturized. I’ve also seen a big improvement in my neck area. I love that everything I need comes in one box.”
Araceli B. (32 years)




★★★★★ “With_Haute Custom Beauty I have less wrinkles. My skin tone is better, has more luminosity and is totally hydrated. I love that my skin doesn’t need anything else because every day I nurture it with a different elixir.”

Noemi S. (39 years)



★★★★★_“I_would totally recommend Haute Custom Beauty! I love the variety of their elixirs as well as applying different nutrients to my skin every day. My skin is more firm, refined, silky and moisturized."
Rebeca A. (41 years)


★★★★★_“I_love_that my Beauty Regimen is tailored to my needs. With Haute Custom Beauty my skin looks softer and more radiant. Every morning my skin feels and looks amazing even if I’m tired. I love Haute’s products scents and textures.”
Bet R. (34 years)




 ★★★★★_“My skin is firmer and has more luminosity. I love it because I can feel how the product is working in my skin. I love the Emulsion Supreme because it leaves my skin moisturized and sealed without any sticky residues. HCB is very practical, I have little extra time and it’s very simple to use. I have everything I need in one box!”

Marga A. (62 years)




★★★★★ “I_have_been using skin care products since I was 15 years old and Haute is by far the best regimen I have ever applied. You can feel the actives literally penetrating into your skin, not just sitting on the surface. Now my skin has a lustrous, hydrated glow without the annoying shine.”

Robert B. (34 years)



★★★★★_“I_love_HCB’s products. I have less wrinkles around my eyes and I also have smaller pores. I love the elixir system because it’s easy for me to use them every day. The Emulsion Supreme is great and leaves my face moisturized and never feeling sticky.”

Oscar M. (35 years)