This is a high-performance ELIXIR that regenerates the lipid matrix found in the skin and restores its protective barrier. This Elixir features Sodium Hyaluronate, which hydrates the skin’s deeper layers and promotes microcirculation and nutrient absorption. Sodium Hyaluronate reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin with a plumper, smoother, and softer appearance.

  • Gluconolactone is a PHA - part of the new generation of AHAs, both protecting the skin from free radicals. It reduces signs of photo aging and gently promotes cell turnover to reveal heathy smooth new skin.

    Sodium Hyaluronate reaches deep into the dermis and promotes microcirculation and nutrient absorption, has intense hydrating properties smoothing skin and reducing wrinkles.

    Niacinamide stimulates micro-circulation and improve’s skin’s elasticity. It revive’s skin’s tone and texture.

    Inositol nurtures and moisturizes skin.